False Teeth-Don’t Let a Missing Tooth Keep You from Smiling!

Are you tired of seeing yourself with a missing tooth? Are you looking for an alternative to a tooth implant? If yes, then you should consider consulting with a fake teeth bakersfield expert to learn about alternatives.

Fake teeth or dentures are types of removable teeth that can take the place of your missing teeth. Sometimes your gums and teeth bones may not be strong enough to get a tooth implant. That is when dentures are used.

Dentures are usually made from nylon, metal, or acrylic. They look just like real teeth that are placed close together with your other teeth.

What are the Benefits of Getting False Teeth?

1.    You do not require a dental implant.

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2.    It looks exactly like a real tooth.

3.    Helps chewing and other teeth activities.

4.    Keeps the nearby teeth in line.

5.    Prevents the space to be a breeding ground for bacteria.

6.    Corrects the posture of your face.

What are the Types of False Teeth?

·    Partial Dentures: These are used when you need one or more fake teeth, but not all. It comes with an attached pink-color plastic and metal frame for support.

·    Complete Dentures: It is a set of full dentures needed if you have lost all of your teeth. These false teeth come with a plate for support. You may use adhesive to fix complete dentures on your gums.

·    Removable Dentures: Both partial or complete dentures can be removable. It helps you to take off and clean them regularly.

How to Maintain Your Fake Teeth?

Fake teeth or dentures are easy to maintain as they are mostly removable. However, since they are made of artificial products, they require more cleaning than your real teeth.

You can use special solutions to help clean your dentures or fake teeth. Alternatively, consider soaking them overnight. Try to avoid food items that are hard to chew.


Consult your regarding the best type of fake teeth for your situation. The dentist will also give you the best suggestions to maintain the life of your artificial teeth. Nothing should stop you from smiling, not even your missing tooth!